Monday, December 26, 2011

Lemon Pepper Chicken

I've learned some backdoor ways of getting flavors I miss without the pain of a flare.  This recipe is a great example of that.   While we can't have lemon juice, you can still get that fresh lemon flavor with lemon peel (or even lemon oil).
2 boneless chicken breasts
Lemon Peel
Black Pepper
Kosher Salt

Season Chicken with spices as liberally as you prefer.  I was pretty heavy on Lemon & Parsley... lighter with the salt & pepper.    Grill on stove in olive oil over medium high heat (hint: inside I use a panini pan to get those grilled stripes) about 6 minutes on each side.  I make canned veggies as a side.   Great for when dieting!!

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